Tree Climbing Results

2018 Tree Climbing Competition Final Results

Masters Challenge
  1. Thomas Blight
  2. Dennis McCormick
  3. Mitch Jamieson
Aerial Rescue
  1. Ryan Hollingum
  2. James Wishart
  3. Mitch Jamieson
Belayed Speed Climb
  1. Mitch Jamieson
  2. Dennis McCormick
  3. Thomas Blight
  1. Mike Bear
  2. Thomas Blight
  3. Dennis McCormick
Work Climb
  1. Thomas Blight
  2. Ryan Hollingum
  3. Mitch Jamieson
Secured Footlock
  1. Thomas Blight
  2. Ray Forbes
  3. Mitch Jamieson

Atlantic Tree Climbing Championships

Each year the ISA Atlantic Chapter hosts the Atlantic Tree Climbing Championships (ATCC). Climbers compete in a number of events such as Aerial Rescue, Speed Climb, and a Work Climb. The overall winner of the ATCC represents the Atlantic Chapter at the International Tree Climbing Championships.

2018 ATCC Champion – Thomas Blight who works for Treecologic in Fredericton, NB.

The 2019 International Tree Climbing Championships will be held in Knoxville, TN from August 9th to August 11th. Good luck in Knoxville Thomas.